We are a young and energetic marketing-centric company that specialises in uncorking the potential in individuals, companies and brands, and pouring it out to receptive markets.

By providing expert management and marketing solutions, we enable businesses – large and small – to tap their inherent abundance and thus also enrich their societies.

We are based on the Lower South Coast of Durban but our operations span across the KwaZulu-Natal Province and our vision stretches beyond national and international boundaries.



IYACHICHIMA – we love the way the name dances off our tongues, like the joyful abundance it represents.

Inspired by Psalm 23:5, we chose a Zulu name that means overflowing, the limitless bounty of potential that lies in everybody and within our society as a whole.

We dedicate our days to unlocking this potential, to opening the floodgates and letting it flow.




foundation + goals

South Africa is rich in entrepreneurial talent, which it badly needs for its economic growth. However, this potential doesn’t always reach anywhere near its highest level because SMMEs are often not able to penetrate their markets, establish their brands and create work to the extent that the economy needs.

Looking at SMMEs across the country, we realised that what was lacking was not talent, great business ideas or desirable products, but the management and marketing expertise needed to build and sustain them.

This is the gap we are dedicated to filling.

Iyachichima is a social enterprise with a mission to aid South Africa’s economic development through partnering with entrepreneurs to establish and develop their businesses.

Our goal is to provide SMMEs with unique, made-to-measure management and marketing solutions, that empower them to grow their brands, upskill their staff and improve the lives of their communities. We regard ourselves as custodians of productive diversity and creators of profitable business models that are also socially and economically sound.


     Phumelele Bohlela
     Managing Director


To be a well-recognized marketing business in townships and rural areas


We tap into our God-given ideas and gifts to inspire, empower and create a life of abundance through creative marketing tools and a cross-pollination of information and skills.